Boylan Must Heed Colleague’s Calls To Stand Aside – Save the 8th


Dr Peter Boylan’s sustained campaign of misinformation makes his position untenable, Save the 8th has said. The campaign was welcoming the extraordinary intervention of 15 consultant obstetricians this afternoon, who have called on Dr Boylan to resign.

Commenting, Campaign Chairwoman Niamh Úi Bhriain said:

“Dr Boylan has polluted this debate with lies and misinformation dressed up in cloak of authority. In so doing, he has undermined confidence in his own position. The intervention from his colleagues in Cork this afternoon is both extraordinary, and welcome.

He dishonestly claimed that individual women had died as a result of the 8th amendment, when this was patently untrue.

He has repeatedly misled about the impact of the 8th amendment on cancer treatment.

He has repeatedly misled about the impact of repeal on people with Downs Syndrome.

He has consistently made outlandish, false, and verifiably nonsensical claims about the issues at stake in the referendum.

The considerable disquiet his behaviour has stirred amongst his own colleagues is now coming out into the open.

It is time for him to go.”