Real Compassion Doesn't Kill.

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    REAL compassion doesn't kill. Housing, healthcare, support, counselling; these are compassion

    Real compassion doesn’t kill

    We like to believe that abortion will only be used in the most severe cases, in which a women has been offered every available support and has still decided that an abortion is really the only option left to her. That there is a compassionate system in place, through which a women, carefully guided by doctors every step of the way, will be informed of alternatives and the supports available to her, and the system will try and find a better solution than abortion before allowing one to occur. A system in which an abortion is a tragic necessity rather than an objective. The reality on the ground is different.

    In England and Wales doctors are required to sign off on any abortion, exactly the requirement that Irish law will have if the 8th is repealed. Those doctors have to say that believe an abortion is necessary, and give the reason why they believe so. In England and Wales less than half of all women seeking an abortion actually meet the doctors who will sign off on her abortion. There is no guidance, there is no support, in the majority of cases there’s not even a meeting with a doctor before a women is sent to an abortion clinic.

    In 2, the British health watchdog, the CQC, found that Marie Stopes, the largest abortion provider in Britain, was paying bonuses to its staff if they were able to make sure women didn’t change their minds about having an abortion. So women were sent to clinics where the people they were dealing with had a direct financial incentive to make sure you never even considered any other option.

    Is it any wonder that, in 2016, 3208 children were aborted in England and Wales because they would have been otherwise born ‘seriously handicapped’? Or that 90% of those babies diagnosed with Down’s syndrome in the womb will be aborted.

    In America, one of the few countries that asks detailed questions about why a woman wants an abortion, the reason given for 40% of abortions was that the mother was unable to afford the child. Think about that for a second. These are not women who don’t want that child or will suffer if they have to go through pregnancy. These are not women who have been raped, whose child has an abnormality, whose health is at risk. These are women, many of whom will want that child, who are being forced to choose between the life of their baby and putting food on the table. Is that a choice we want Irish women to have to make?

    The Abortion Industry In Britain

    The British health service watchdog, the CQC, found that staff at Marie Stopes’s clinics were being paid bonuses if they had as few as possible women change their mind about having an abortion after visiting Marie Stopes. This means that Marie Stopes’s staff made extra money for every woman they could convince that abortion was the only option available to them. The report also says that staff would contact women who had decided not to have an abortion and offer them another appointment in an attempt to convince them to proceed.

    Staff also talked about how partners, parents, and other supportive people were seen as inconveniences and discouraged from attending any pre-abortion meetings.

    The CQC report found that even Marie Stopes’ own staff thought the culture of Marie Stopes undermined the concept of patient choice, with little time given to discussing other options for the pregnancy. One staff member describing how Marie Stopes treated pregnant women as akin to a ‘cattle market’.

    Marie Stopes are built to encourage abortion, not offer healthcare to women, and the report clearly shows that Marie Stopes wants women alone, under pressure, surrounded by people who make money only if you get an abortion, and feeling that there is no option other than to go ahead with an abortion. Is a women who deals with Marie Stopes really making an informed, reasonable choice?

    Pre-signed abortion forms

    The Care Quality Commission, the health services watchdog, has found that British doctors have been pre-signing forms authorising abortions, on mental health grounds, for women they had never met. In 2012 alone 67 doctors, at 14 locations, were found to done s. Not a single one of these doctors were ever punished by the Medical Council. Not surprising when we consider that, in January 2014, that the majority of abortions are approved by doctors who have never met the women they’ve decided requires an abortion.

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