Poster: A Licence To Kill?

The Irish Government has been kind enough to tell us what sort of system they will put in place if the 8th is repealed.

Repealing the 8th will give the Irish government a licence to kill.

Giving medics a licence to kill

The Government has said that, if the 8th amendment is repealed, they will bring in abortion, for any reason, up to 12 weeks, and abortion, due to a risk to the health of the mother, up to 24 weeks.

Abortion is legal on the same vague ‘health grounds’ in Britain. There are 200,000 abortions carried out there every year – and 97% are on health grounds. It is abortion on demand.

Even the British Pregnancy Advisory Service [BPAS] has said, in relation to mental health, ‘It is certainly the case that, despite the lack of a formal right to abortion in England and Wales, the abortion law is interpreted liberally to enable women to access abortion when they need it.’ (1)

The law proposed by Simon Harris is like the British abortion model. When the law changed there in 1968, within five years abortions had gone from 14,000 a year to roughly 160,000. In 2016 there were 190,000 abortions. Liberalising abortion caused, within 5 years, the number of abortion to increase by over 1000%.

Abortion on demand, leads to a demand for abortion. That is a fact.

The proposed law will require doctors to sign off on abortions over 12 weeks, just like the British law does, but British doctors have been found to have signed approval forms for women they haven’t even met. In fact, the majority of women seeking an abortion never even meet with the doctor who will sign off on their abortion. (2)

In 2012, 67 doctors, over 14 locations, were found to have pre-signed forms by the British Health Service Watchdog, the CQC. (3) None were punished by the Medical Council.




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