If we remove all constitutional protection for the unborn baby then we are wide open to any kind of abortion legislation – such as that introduced in Britain, our nearest neighbour.

The British Abortion Act was meant to be ‘restrictive’ legislation – with two doctors signing off on an abortion only available under certain circumstances. Now there are 200,000 abortions every year – 1 in every 5 babies are killed before birth. Even the architect of the law, Lord David Steele, said “I never envisaged there would be so many abortions”.

Legalising abortion has led to a horrifying situation where:

  • Up to 200,000 abortions take place in Britain every year
  • 37% of those were repeat abortions in 2014 according to the British Department of Health
  • More than 20% of all babies are aborted in Britain
  • 90% of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted according to the Bruce Inquiry (a 2013 Parliamentary Inquiry in the UK)
  • Babies who survive abortion are simply left to die. An official report found that 66 babies survived abortion in one year alone, and that one baby survived for ten hours, but was left to die unaided. (2008 Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health by the British Department of Health)
  • Babies are being aborted simply because they are girls (An 2012 undercover investigation by the Daily Telegraph caught abortion doctors on camera agreeing to abort because the baby was a girl)

Similar statistics can be seen across Europe. In Spain the abortion rate is also at 20%, in France it was 21% for 2013. In Sweden 41% of all abortions are repeat abortions – in France 35% are repeat abortions.



What Irish Pro-abortion campaigners want

The Labour Party want to follow the British model of abortion – which is abortion-on-demand as outlined above.

Choice Ireland told the Oireachtas hearings on abortion in 2013 that they did support any restrictions at all – even until birth, even in the case of gendercide, where the baby was being aborted simply because she was a girl.

This position is shared by the Abortion Rights Campaign/Repeal the 8thamendment who seek abortion without restriction, and funded by the taxpayer- that’s you and me.

Leo Varadkar wants abortion for babies with a severe disability and for ‘health reasons’- but ‘health’ is the grounds on which almost 200,000 abortions are carried out in Britain each year.

Doctors for Choice want abortion on demand based on the Canadian model – ie without any legal restrictions at all, so that even the worst, most unscrupulous back-street abortionist could not be criminalised.


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