Save the 8th has issued the following comment in response to a statement from the Association of Catholic Priests, in which the association laments the presence of pro-life speakers at Catholic Masses:

“The Association of Catholic Priests appears to be worried that Catholics may hear Catholic teaching reflected at Catholic masses.
We will never decline an invitation to educate voters about the extremity of the Government’s proposal, which legalises abortion for healthy mothers, and healthy babies, for any reason at all.

Our campaign shares, and applauds, the deep commitment of the Christian community to the values of respect for the life and dignity of every human individual. These values and beliefs are not limited to people of faith, and are shared by people of no religion whatsoever.

We have been delighted and honoured to accept invitations to speak to congregations about an issue that is both of social concern, and of deep relevance to their spiritual beliefs. No person is compelled by either their church, or by our campaign, to listen to any speaker.

If we have reached the point where speaking about the right to life in a Christian church is in some way controversial, that would be a sign that hysteria has overtaken rational discourse in this referendum campaign.”