This week 32 TDs stood up and publicly voted against the holding of a referendum on removing the unborn child’s right to life from the constitution. 32 TDs voted No, and said that the idea of stripping human rights away from anyone should never be decided by a popular vote.

These brave TDs, the few who were willing to stand up for the unborn when nearly the entirety of the media and government is set against them, have already been targeted by pro-abortion journalists, with their names put into lists so abortion supporters can know these TDs are to be harried and attacked online, and targeted in elections. We’ve put together our own list of those politicians so that you can show your support for their actions, and for the fact they were willing to have their support for the unborn put on the public record.

Abortion campaigners will try and cow politicians who look like they’re giving anything other than full support to their abortion agenda, and we cannot let those politicians who are willing to stand up for the unborn, knowing they will be attacked and degraded, think that they are alone and we are not behind them. We need YOU to reach out to those TDs in your area, regardless of party, and tell them that you know they stood up for what was right and what was just, and you will remember that come the next election.

Aylward, Bobby, Dail Office: (01) 6183382

Barrett, Sean, Dail Office: (01) 6183895

Breathnach, Declan, Dail Office: (01) 6183349

Butler, Mary, Dail Office: (01) 6183599

Cahill, Jackie, Dail Office: (01) 6183725

Canney, Sean, Dail Office: (01) 6183436

Casey, Pat, Dail Office: (01) 6183516

Cassells, Shane, Dail Office: (01) 6183283

Chambers, Jack, Dail Office: (01) 6183754

Collins, Michael, Dail Office: (01) 6183133

Curran, John, Dail Office: (01) 6183792

Fitzmaurice, Michael, Dail Office: (01) 6183321

Fitzpatrick, Peter, Dail Office: (01) 6183563

Gallagher, Pat The Cope, Dail Office: (01) 6184038

Grealish, Noel, Dail Office: (01) 6184270

Haughey, Sean, Dail Office: (01) 6184724

Healy-Rae, Danny, Dail Office: (01) 6184070

Healy-Rae, Michael, Dail Office: (01) 6183363

Lowry, Michael, Dail Office: (01) 6183504

MacSharry, Marc, Dail Office: (01) 6184221

McGrath, Mattie, Dail Office: (01) 6184062

McGuinness, John, Dail Office: (01) 6183137

Moynihan, Aindrias, Dail Office: (01) 6183428

Murphy O’Mahony, Margaret, Dail Office: (01) 6183880

Murphy, Eugene, Dail Office: (01) 6183056

Nolan, Carol, Dail Office: (01) 6183060

O’Keeffe, Kevin, Dail Office: (01) 6183914

O’Rourke, Frank, Dail Office: (01) 6183109

O’Cuiv, Eamon, Dail Office: (01) 6184231

Scanlon, Eamon, Dail Office: (01) 6184015

Smith, Brendan, Dail Office: (01) 6183376

Smyth, Niamh, Dail Office: (01) 6183492