Save the 8th issued the following statement in response Marie Stopes, the abortion service provider, who is seeking site locations for abortion clinics in Dublin should the 8th Amendment be repealed:

“This announcement from the Marie Stopes clinic, that they are seeking sites in Dublin to use as abortion clinics should the 8th Amendment be repealed, is shocking and should send shivers down the spine of undecided voters. Marie Stopes, a major player in the private abortion industry, is being extremely arrogant and presumptuous in assuming that the Irish people will vote to allow the taking of an unborn child’s life.

In Britain, so-called limited abortion kills 1 in 5 babies. There are over 50 Marie Stopes abortion clinics in the United Kingdom alone. Last year, investigators found 400 botched abortions took place at Marie Stopes clinics in the UK in a two month period. The Irish people do not want this and must vote to protect the constitutional right to life of the unborn child in order to prevent it from happening here.’’