Over 4,000 Save the 8th volunteers are engaged in one of the largest get out the vote operations in Irish history today. The campaign has been planning for polling day for weeks, and today, those plans went in to action:

  • Almost 250,000 committed “no” voters have been identified over the course of the canvass. Each one of their doors have been knocked again this week to ensure that they get out and vote.
  • A social media campaign to motivate NO voters and undecideds is in full swing.
  • Volunteers nationwide are engaged in ferrying voters to and from the polls.
  • Volunteers are out putting up banners on motorway overpasses, talking to people in the streets, and encouraging the vote to come out.
  • Many volunteers are acting as poll monitors, reporting back on turnout, and will record the total number of votes cast in each polling station when polls close tonight.

Commenting, Campaign Chair Niamh Ui Bhriain said:

 “This is a historic day, and the NO campaign is fighting to the last moment, for every vote. We are encouraged by the high turnout so far this morning.

 The Irish people are very clear about what they are voting on today – this is abortion on demand. There is a growing and quiet confidence that all the work done by our campaign, and the other campaigns on the NO side, will pay dividend this evening. Our own projection of the result has it too close to call, and every vote will count.” 

if you are having a problem voting, file a report here on our site: https://lifeinstitute.wpengine.com/report/