Today I am voting NO, because a yes vote isn’t a vote for choice.

It’s a yes to abortion on demand. A yes to late-term abortion on UK grounds. A yes to 1 in 5 babies being aborted. A yes to 90% of babies with Down syndrome being aborted. A yes to babies being aborted because they are a twin or a girl or just inconvenient. A yes to abortion clinics paying bonuses to staff if they persuade women to have abortions.

It’s also a yes to women being told they have a ‘choice’ when you really mean they are on their own and that instead of demanding support and compassion in a crisis, you are happy for the government to simply give them an abortion.

I’m voting No because there is nothing compassionate or progressive about the brutality of abortion. I’m voting No because everyone deserves a chance at life. I’m voting No because I have four beautiful daughters and they should grow up in a world where all of us are protected and loved and cherished. I’m voting No because many women regret their abortions but no woman ever regrets her child. I’m voting No because women deserve better than abortion and because no child deserves to end their life in a steel container in an abortion clinic.

I’m voting No because nothing on this earth was ever made better by the killing of a child.

We can and must do better for mothers and babies.

Already we know that turnout is very high, which mean we have energised our base and that we can win this vote and save hundreds of thousands of mothers and babies from the unspeakable horror of abortion.

Our teams are out right now, all across the country in a massive get out the vote exercise because every vote counts. So now, at this final hour, please join them.

Make sure you go to vote. Bring everyone you know with you. Then call ten more people and ask them to do the same.  Let’s bring this NO vote home.