This morning, the Irish Examiner has published an egregiously misleading story about an Irish Medical Times “poll” of Irish doctors, in which they say that the “poll”, which finds 75% of respondents in favour of 12-week abortion access, is “the most substantial examination of doctors views to date.”

This is outrageous

The “poll” is not a poll.

It was conducted on twitter and facebook
One did not have to be a doctor or a medic to participate
Nobody has any way of knowing how many participants were even doctors
Even if it were limited to doctors, the poll is self-selecting and unscientific
None of these facts appear in the Irish Examiner report

Savethe8th said: “There is no other word for this other than “fake news”. The Irish public are being completely mislead. For a broadsheet newspaper to run a news story representing this as the opinions of doctors is not only unbelievable, but actually scandalous. Media organisations who choose to report this news without clarifying the points raised above are consciously perpetrating a fraud on the Irish people. Those of them who do so thinking they are helping the pro-choice campaign will end up doing the opposite.

This is a disgrace”.