Save the 8th has issued the following statement on the Together for Yes campaign launch: “What we saw today was the Ireland of Together for Yes. It is the Ireland where ministers and politicians drop by to launch abortion campaigns in maternity hospitals while their drivers wait in the state cars outside. It is the Ireland where taxpayer funded lobbyists mingle and move, the Ireland where newspaper columnists feel most at home, and the Ireland that talks about abortion without ever mentioning the baby.

This is a campaign that supports abortion at any time, for any reason, without restriction. It is the embodiment of the one per cent who think they know better than everyone else. It is the Ireland that the public has rightly grown to despise, and it has come together to support a proposal that it has cooked up all by itself. The public did not demand this referendum – it was the concern of 2% of the voters in the RTE exit poll in 2016.

Together for Yes is slick, well-funded with untraceable money, and has the support of everyone in Dublin who they believe to be important. It is a movement of elites, for the elites, and by the elites. They are totally out of touch with the mainstream of this country, and this campaign will prove that to be the case. We have asked voters to join a rebellion – and that rebellion is growing stronger every day.”