The past week has seen a growing realisation across the government, the media, and within the pro-choice themselves, that the pro-life side possesses a level of passion and organisation that the pro-abortion side simply lacks, and that the tide is turning against the Repeal of the 8th amendment.

The massive gap in impact between the two sides was even noted this week in the Sunday Business Post. The article, headlined ‘Repeal side urgently needs to make its case’, and which is linked below, stated that “A well-organised pro-life campaign is so far eclipsing a variety of repeal groups that lack coherence and unity…a corresponding level of organisation is not evident on the pro-choice side, a fact noted by senior political operatives”.

On one hand this is excellent news for the pro-life campaign, it shows us that even the greatest supporters of removing all protections on the right to life of the unborn, the government and the media, are now seeing the impact of all of our work, and they are now seeing that we will not simply rollover and let their assault on the most vulnerable of all go ahead unopposed. On the other hand this is dangerous news for the pro-life campaign, because it could convince us that we are certain to win, that we now cannot lose, that we can afford to get complacent.

But that is exactly what we cannot allow ourselves to start to believe now.

We cannot afford to get complacent, to start thinking we are certain to win this, and that we can stop working on the ground to win this. The pro-aborts are backed by most of the media, by our journalists, by the government, and by the foreign funders whose money many of them have taken. They can afford to make mistakes, to be lazy, to be disorganised, whilst we simply cannot afford to give anything less than our all, to be anything other than perfect.

The Rally for Life, which was the biggest Rally for Life ever in this country, with the Sunday Independent estimating 100,000 in attendance, will remind the pro-aborts that there are many, many people in this country who believe deeply in the right to life of the unborn and will fight to ensure that those rights are respected. We have to expect that some of them will start to try and fix the problems within the pro-abortion groups, that some of them will try to start countering our work on the ground. So far whilst we have been out on the ground, both on the Life Canvass and at the Rally for Life, they have been online posting about abortion on Twitter; we cannot expect that to continue forever.

Now is a time to recognise how much work we have done, and how terrified the politicians and media are that the people of Ireland could dare to defy them, but it is also a time to work harder, to do more, so that we can ensure that Ireland remains a country which does not abort children because they are unwanted, which does not abort children because they are considered ‘a problem’, and which does not abort children because they are seen as less than perfect due to disability. Convincing ourselves that the hard part is over, and we’re now certain to win, is the only way we can lose.

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