As we near the referendum, we want to give a special thank you to the politicians who came out and marched with us in the Rally for Life. Mattie McGrath TD, Carol Nolan TD, Peadar Tobin TD, Noel Grealish TD, Eamon O Cuiv TD, Eamon Scanlon TD, Sen Ronan Mullen, Sen Diarmuid Wilson, and Cllr John Leahy of Renua all showed us that they are willing to stand and fight for the lives of the unborn and we deeply appreciate their willingness to work towards this cause.

Sen Brian Ó Domhnaill also sent his apologies and former Senator Fidelma Healy Eames also attended the huge rally. We have now reached a point at which the threat to the unborn is now so great that we need the public support and work of every pro-life political figure in this country, and it will not be good enough for them to simply say they believe in our cause if they have never shown they believe in it and are willing to fight for it.

A large part of why this referendum is happening is simply due to politics, to political parties and politicians trying to secure new votes in exchange for removing all rights from the unborn, and after this referendum is over we will need to send a message to these political parties and politicians that shows them they have won nothing by trying to strip the rights from the unborn, and in fact there will be a price to pay for their attempts to strip the rights from the most vulnerable in their pursuit of power.

At times like this, when the collected forces of the media and the government seem to be against us, and when most politicians seem more concerned with platitudes than actually standing up for what they believe in, we should look at the politicians who attended the Rally and thank them for not only deciding to protect the unborn, but for having the bravery to be seen publicly working to protect the unborn.