Senator Catherine Noone should withdraw an ageist tweet sent from her account in support of a YES vote, Savethe8th has said.

On Easter Sunday, the Senator issued a tweet that read:
“Easter mass in Knock Basilica this afternoon with my parents – an octogenarian priest took at least 3 opportunities to preach to us about abortion – it’s no wonder people feel disillusioned with the Catholic Church”

Commenting, Save the 8th said:
“We are constantly lectured by the media about the importance of a respectful campaign, but time and time again, YES campaigners are allowed to engage in open ageism against our senior citizens. Senator Noone is the latest, and the most prominent in a long line of repeal campaigners who have consistently denigrated the views of some voters because of their age. This is a running theme in the YES campaign – that old people, who are more likely in their view to vote NO, are consistently denigrated.

Older people have much more life experience than the average voter. They have acquired wisdom that many, including the Senator, have not. To denigrate them based on their age is embarrassing and wrong. Senator Noone should apologise for, and withdraw, the comment”.


Note to Editors:

Senator Noone’s tweet can be found here: [since deleted]