“Poo in an Alley Way” should be condemned by Coppinger and ROSA

Deputy Ruth Coppinger, and other leading figures in the ROSA pro-choice campaign, should condemn and eject the activist who boasted online about stealing “vote no” posters, Save the 8th has said.

The activist, who goes by the online name “Poo in an Alley Way”, is Doreen Manning, from Cork. Ms. Manning is a key member of the ROSA campaign and has designed literature and campaign materials for the campaign.

On Sunday Morning, Ms Manning, from her “Poo in an Alley Way” account, tweeted that she had been cautioned by Gardaí for stealing pro-life posters. Ms. Manning stated that she thought this was funny.

Her tweet read: “I got a right old bollocking off the Gardaí at 3:30am last night for pulling down anti-choice posters. Easter is cancelled, I can’t eat chocolate cuz I’m laughing so hard at myself.”

Save the 8th can confirm that a number of its posters were stolen on Saturday night in Cork, and that the Gardaí apprehended a woman in the act. Posters were also stolen in Galway. A number of repeal activists, not limited to Ms. Manning, have claimed responsibility for poster theft.

Commenting, Save the 8th said:
“This is the latest in a long series of incidents involving Deputy Coppinger, ROSA, and their supporters. Last year, we had socialist party activists in Dublin posting videos of themselves removing posters. We have seen attempts to get pro-life meetings cancelled by the same people.

Enough is enough. Deputy Coppinger is the leader of this movement, and it increasingly looks like a movement of anti-democratic thugs who rejoice in breaking the law and using theft and vandalism in place of debate.

We call on ROSA to make an example of Doreen Manning – eject her from the campaign, and condemn her actions. Refusing to condemn this kind of behaviour will serve only to make it clear that ROSA and Deputy Coppinger endorse it”.


Note to Editors: Miss Manning’s tweet from her “poo in an alleyway” account can be found here: