One of the highlights of today’s rally for life will the the appearance on stage of pro-life doctors, who will use the opportunity to present Senator Catherine Noone, Chairwoman of the Oireachtas Committee on the 8th amendment, with a €100 voucher for Specsavers. The move comes after Senator Noone has repeatedly said in recent weeks that she “could not find” any doctors who would defend the 8th amendment.

Speaking on behalf of the Doctors, Dr Maire Neasta Nic Gearailt said:
“Catherine Noone has said she could not find us, but we were here all along. The truth is we were not asked to appear until long after her committee had already decided to repeal the 8th amendment – a decision they took having heard just 25% of the evidence.

There are a great many doctors out there who are deeply concerned by, and opposed to, these proposals. The fact that the Senator said she could not find us can be explained only two ways – that she did not really look, or that she simply could not see what was in front of her face. Perhaps if she had looked harder, she would have discovered what a poll of GPs revealed this week – that 7 in 10 doctors do not wish to be part of the Government’s abortion scheme.

Doctors who oppose this radical UK-style abortion law may not have been listened to in Senator Noone’s committee – but we will make our voices heard in the coming weeks. We trust that this time, Senator Noone will not miss us. But we enclose this voucher for Specsavers to be absolutely sure”.